Vistaprint continues to grow

Vistaprint is one of the biggest online printing companies in the world. They target all sizes of business and aim to provide a service that is usually only available to companies of a larger size generating greater volumes. The company started off in the US but has now grown to a stage where they now offer their products in over 135 countries.

Over the past 10 years, they have started to target the consumer market and have offered consumer friendly products such as mugs, calendars and photo books.

Two years ago, Vistaprint put in a five year growth plan that they hoped would push up their earnings. To do this, the company had decided that they needed to invest significant capital in the business. The company has faced the reality of a crippled European economy and has now downgraded their forecast for growth. Although still growing, the company does not expect to meet it’s original growth targets and will instead focus on ensuring they can weather the storm and be ready for the good times.

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Ezibuy’s run to the top

EziBuy is over 30 years old and it’s origins stem from being a mail order company selling products to consumers. The size of the company took a huge leap when it acquired the mail order business from Myer called the Myer-Direct catalogue business. The company now says it’s the leading online retailer for fashion and homeware products. The company claims to have over 1.5 million customers spanning over Australia and New Zealand. Over a typical day, the company will distribute over 20,000 items to it’s customers.

The company has credited the companies success and longevity with it’s successful online strategy. Ezibuy offers 30 days money back and a huge range of fashion labels. They also offer an EziBuy coupon every so often which helps drive more sales.

The company now employs over 700 people and a majority of those are in it’s huge distribution centre located in Palmerston North, New Zealand.

In 2007, investment firm Catalyst Investment took large stake in the company at the cost of approximately 100 million. This gave them 43.5 percent holding in the company and valued the company over 270 million.


Australian fashion shaking up

It is no secret that Australian retail is undergoing a huge slump and many premium names are going under. Many brands such as Lisa Ho have seen a massive decline. Stores like Myer and David Jones have reported conditions that are tougher than they have ever seen.

It seems ,however, that smaller, leaner stores are starting to find their feet in this tough retail market. Online stores are starting take a bigger slice of the Australian retail market, causing a huge headache for bricks and mortar stores.

The benefit that online stores have over traditional bricks and mortar stores is that they don’t have the same sort of overheads that a traditional store has. To get the traffic you need to survive in a retail environment you generally need to pay for expensive rent in a good traffic location. This comes at a huge price.

Online stores can operate in a relatively cheap environment meaning that they can undercut many bricks and mortar stores yet make the same margins.

A store that is growing in online popularity is Show Pony Fashion. Show Pony Fashion have a great selection of clothing and are doing well in growing their market share. They use promotions such as offering consumers a Show Pony coupon with their purchase.


Visiting Kangaroo Island

South Australia is one of the least known states in Australia as most tourists head toward the east coast and experience cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and parts of Queensland. One of the hidden gems in South Australia however is an island called Kangaroo Island.

Kangaroo Island is actually the third largest island in Australia and is located off the coast of South Australia at the entrance to Gulf St Vincent.

The island used to be occupied by aboriginals but they moved off the island and settlers moved in during the 19th century.

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Kangaroo Island is one of South Australia’s most popular tourist attractions and has over 150,000 visitors each year. There are seals and penguins to see as well as national parks and mountain ranges to climb. Lots of activities for everyone so make sure you visit.


The buyers guide to choosing the right glasses

One of the things we don’t consider when buying glasses is the scientific reasons why some glasses look better on us than others. It’s actually not all about the style of the glasses, it also comes down to the shape of our face. A pair of glasses may look great on another person but less so on ourselves.

There is a direct correlation between what our face shape is and the type of glasses we should buy for our face. Everyone’s face is different however, we can usually categorise our shapes into a few different shapes being oval, square and rectangle.

If you have an oval shaped face then this is usually a good proportion and glasses that have a wide frame will usually suit your face. In fact, most frame types will suit your face. Choose frames which are not too narrow.

If you have a rectangle face then choose glasses which add width to the face. If you have a square face then choose glasses than are narrower.

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Weight Watchers turns 50 years old

Weight Watchers are having a really big effect on obese and overweight people in the UK where two thirds of men and over half of women are overweight.

Doctors in the UK slowly caught onto the idea of referring their patients onto the Weight Watchers program. In fact, there was over 2000 referrals of patients to the Weight Watchers program from GP’s which resulted in the NHS paying four million pounds to Weight Watchers. The program is actually the most successful weight loss program on the NHS list and seems to be having a good effect on patients.

Weight Watchers is now entering it’s 50th year in action and is as big as ever (pun not intended). Many diets have come and gone but Weight Watchers has stood the test of time and continues to be as successful as ever.

In Australia, Weight Watchers offer some great value programs. You can even find a Weight Watchers Promo code to get a free 14 day trial on their program.


How to win a TV for free

Big screen TV’s are no longer the luxury item that used to be out of reach for most people. These days tv’s have come down in price dramatically and it’s even possible to win a tv in a competition. Online competitions have boomed in recent years because marketing companies have discovered that they can get a good response cheaper with these competitions online rather than calling consumers or going door to door.

There are a number of ways companies make money by offering you a free prize such as a TV. The first is by asking you to complete surveys. A lot of marketing companies are engaged by big corporations looking to test a new product or service. These marketing companies then offer incentives to the public in order to get them to join up and complete the surveys.

This method of consumer research ends up being much cheaper and easier for marketing companies.


Fashion through history

It is one of the biggest industries in the world and we can’t help but get involved in it in some shape or form and we can’t avoid it no matter what we do. This is fashion.

Fashion is the term that is used to describe what we wear as clothes including shoes, accessories, clothing, make-up and anything else that represents our style.

Fashion is normally created by designers and then displayed to shoppers and people for their enjoyment and purchase.

In the world of fashion, there is generally 4 major places which people associate as being the center of fashion. These cities are Paris, Milan, London and New York. Many of the fashion companies are based in these cities and are attributed as being the major influences of fashion around the world.

In Australia, we can purchase fashion from many online stores. A couple of the most popular places are Boohoo.com and TheIconic.com.au. Having a boohoo coupon and the iconic coupon makes them even more popular.


The iPhone 5 supply issues

Despite Apple selling a record number of iPhone 5’s, it has not been enough to quell the anger of analysts and shareholders who believe that Apple did not manage their supply chain correctly this time around. Apple stated in their update that due to supply constraints, they were not able to provide enough iPhones for customers.

One of the main factors behind this occurring is a couple of things. The first major issue was the screen. There was a shortage of the retina display available and this limited the number of iPhone 5’s that could go into production.

The second issue is that many customers reported that their iPhone 5 shipped with scratches, blemishes and scuffs straight out of the boss. This imperfection has been attributed to the fact that Apple are now using aluminium in the body which makes the iPhone more prone to this type of damage.

We have seen very low stock from all the carriers and iPhone 6 plans have not changed since they launched due to the low amount of stock available.